1. Programming and music decisions for the media outlets of Rebel Media are made on a non-discriminatory basis at the local station level. Submission content should be sent to the attention of “Music Director, Station _____” at the main studio email address for each individual station(s). The appropriate contact information can be found on each station’s individual website.
  2. Music submitted must be in MP3 format, and must be of broadcast quality. This includes the exclusion of defamatory, profane, indecent or obscene language or material.
  3. Be aware that the programming teams of Rebel Media radio stations have many competing tasks and demands and thus may not be able to return all emails or respond to all correspondence, particularly within time periods artists or labels might desire.

Music for TNN Radio can be submitted to our music department at music@tnnradio.com.

Please include an artist bio, image, MP3 file of the song(s), and an artist liner for airplay before your submitted song.

Please use the following script for the liner:

“Hey, this is [Artist Name], and you’re listening to TNN Radio.”

Please use the script as a baseline, as we’d like for you to be as creative as possible when recording a liner. Please note that songs submitted without an included liner will not be considered for airplay.