Shy Carter‘s new song “Good Love” was written well before the COVID pandemic and quarantine, but it felt like now was a time to release it because of the uplifting nature of the track.

Shy shares, “This song, ‘Good Love,’ is all about somebody really being there for you when you feel like you can’t make it. When you feel you’re dying…you’re on your last breath, they come around and they show you that kind of love, and that kind of compassion and let you know that they won’t let you fall. That they’ll bring you through, and it brings you back to life. It gives you new energy, new hope, new passion, and this song is a testament to those kind of people coming through for you.”

The music video follows along that same line of how in a way…we’re all connected and acts of kindness could be the thing that changes if not the whole world, it could be a major difference in someone’s world.

Taking you behind the scenes of the video shoot Shy says, “It felt so good to see what I have always envisioned for this song to come to life with the help of our directors, Alexa King and Stephen Kinigopoulos and the whole cast and crew!! Hope you love this behind the scenes look!”

Now that you’ve seen behind the scenes…check out the official video for Shy Carter’s “Good Love”

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