Carly Pearce recently shared a video that features part of the her life story with narration from Grand Ole Opry legend Jeannie Seely.

Carly and Jeannie have not only been friends for years, but they are also neighbors. Jeannie was more than happy to add her voice track to the video sharing Carly’s highlights, she says, “Oh I’m so proud to share this amazing young lady’s story…a success story based on talent, truth, hard work, perseverance and a humble, healthy sense of pride! Be inspired by her.”

Carly added, “What an honor to have my gal Jeannie Seely tell part of my story. Thank you sister… I can’t wait for our next wine night!”

Check out the video here…

Carly will be making another return appearance to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry this weekend — where she’ll likely be treating fans to this song. From her collection of music titled 29, this is the music video for Carly Pearce’s “Next Girl.”

Photo Credit: Allister Ann

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