Cam Announces Sophomore Album, “The Otherside,” & Releases New Single, “Classic” [Listen]

Cam announced she will release her sophomore album, The Otherside, on Oct. 30. The new project follows her 2015 major-label debut album, Untamed.

Coinciding with the album announcement, Cam released a new single, “Classic.” Penned by Cam and Jack Antonoff, the nostalgic tune is about a special relationship that outlasts the trends. “Classic” ships to country radio on Aug. 10.

“Jack and I caught something in the air that day and ran with it,” Cam says. “The track is so much fun. Jangling guitars, claps, it feels like when a group of familiar people get back together over the holidays, clanking around after dinner with too much wine, and amidst the chatter and laughter and closeness they are really telling each other, deep down, just how much they love each other.”

Earlier this year, Cam released two new songs, “Till There’s Nothing Left” and “Redwood Tree.”

Listen to “Classic” below.


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