Chris Young Readies New Single, “If That Ain’t God”

Chris Young will release a new single, “If That Ain’t God,” on July 3.

Chris shared a sample of the new song on social media on June 9, saying: “I don’t know why…but this song made its way to me this year and I might have to make it my next single. Thoughts?”

Apparently, Chris received the fan support he was looking for.

Penned by Chris, Greylan James, Mitch Ogelsby and Matt Roy, “If That Ain’t God” features Chris crooning the chorus: “If that ain’t God, if that ain’t him / If that ain’t the man upstairs somewhere looking down on us again / Don’t it make you wanna pray, don’t it make you wanna live / Oh, if that ain’t God, if that ain’t God, I don’t know what is / Yeah, I don’t know what is.”

“If That Ain’t God” is positioned to be the lead single from Chris’ ninth studio album.

photo by TCD

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